Signs of Laptop Motherboard Failure


The motherboard is possibly the most significant part of a laptop after the processor. It is also not simple to repair a laptop motherboard on account of its immense intricacies. Whenever a trouble with your laptop motherboard arises, one should not take the risk of repairing it themselves, some resistors and capacitors in a laptop motherboard are hardly visible to the naked eye and with hundreds of minute components on a single motherboard it is very complicated to make out where the fault lies but with the state of the art equipment coupled with years of experience of our technicians makes it easy to diagnose and rectify the laptop motherboard problem, it’s always advisable to entrust your laptop motherboard repairs to an industry expert such as computer repair in miami.
Experiencing problems with your laptop motherboard?

• Dead laptop or laptop won’t turn on
• Laptop is working very slowly
• Laptop operates slower than expected and generates heat
• Laptop screen goes dim
• Laptop freezing or shuts down randomly while in use
• Distorted or discoloration on the laptop screen
• No LED light activity when you press on the power button
• Duplicate images or blank screen issues
• The “ON” light comes on, the fan spins, but nothing on the screen black.
• After pressing the “ON” button the screen stays black and you can hear a quiet high-pitched sound coming from the laptop.
• Issues with laptop battery charging
• Laptop rebooting constantly
• DC power jack is broken, loose or damaged

There are many cases when a motherboard has a problem that cannot be fixed, and a new motherboard must be put into the laptop, if the motherboard needs to be replaced, it could end up being a very expensive fix. This is why it’s sometimes better to just buy a whole new laptop rather than getting the motherboard replaced, the computer technician who diagnoses the problem can give good advice on whether the laptop’s motherboard should be repaired, replaced, or whether a new laptop should be bought instead.

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  1. Laptops are common now; everyone’s these to decide on school or when they travel for work. They’re useful and to maneuver with. What on earth is also common should be to see someone scrambling to discover a place to charge a laptop battery. That report due tomorrow may suddenly be lost if you don’t find an outlet within thirty seconds… Or that slideshow you could have created (but carelessly forgot just to save) may disappear should your laptop battery is just not recharged.

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